Honfleur’s design will embrace principles that define every Brittany Ferries ship: wellness, culture and relaxation.

Honfleur will carry up to 1,680 passengers and will come with 261 cabins, two cinemas, restaurants, boutique shopping and expansive passenger lounges. She will host two restaurants, cinemas and a bar and WiFi will be available throughout, with TVs in every cabin. A digital information lounge will welcome passengers.


The future of sustainable transport

Honfleur promises to be the most environmentally friendly ship regularly operating in UK waters when she takes to the seas in 2020. But she will also be a ship that presents a canvas of modernity, comfort and relaxation for passengers on the company’s busiest route, operating from Portsmouth to Caen.


Powered by liquefied natural gas

Honfleur will be built at the Flensburger Schiffbau shipyard in Germany over the next two years and will be powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas). Compared with diesel fuel, LNG emits significantly less carbon dioxide during combustion and burns with no smoke. It is entirely free of sulphur and produces very low emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter.


Investment in the future

Honfleur represents the next step in Brittany Ferries' drive towards the future of sustainable transport. The move to LNG follows a €90 million investment in sulphur and particulate-reducing 'scrubber' technology. These exhaust emission systems have been retrospectively fitted to six Brittany Ferries ships over the five years.
The project includes innovative LNG systems and equipment, the additional cost of which will be partially offset by the support of the French Government “Program of Investments for the Future” ("Vehicle of the Future" sub-program) and operated by ADEME.

Honfleur – a name befitting a beautiful destination

Honfleur in Normandy is a charming seaside town on the Seine estuary, famed for its tall, narrow buildings. Surrounded by lush greenery and framed by hills, it has long been the inspiration for artists, writers and musicians. Brittany Ferries is proud that its new ship will bear the name of this popular and beautiful town.

The école du Honfleur (the Honfleur School), an artistic movement involving Monet and Eugene Boudin (who was born in the town), had a big influence on the Impressionist Movement. Some of their paintings of the town can be seen in the Eugene Boudin Museum.

Honfleur is home to many museums including a maritime museum, a museum of culture and folk art and a town museum that all illustrate the area's rich past. The Eglise St Catherine is the largest wooden church in France.


Honfleur represents the next step in Brittany Ferries’ drive towards the future of sustainable transport. The move to LNG follows a €90 million investment in sulphur and particulate-reducing ‘scrubber’ technology.

The Brittany Ferries story

Founded in 1972 by proud Breton Alexis Gourvennec and a group of fellow Breton farmers seeking export markets for their garden produce, Brittany Ferries grew rapidly and is now the leading maritime carrier on the western and central Channel.


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