The recipe for success

The recipe for success

Early in 2016, Brittany Ferries' naval architect Brice Robinson sat down with Managing Director Christophe Mathieu to imagine a new ship. Over just three years, Brice will turn those first ideas into a 42,000 tonne, ferry, the fifth he has built for the company. "It's a bit like cooking," he says. "The recipe always requires the same ingredients but you can change the mix during the preparation, so it's different every time. And with experience, you make it better."

So what's different about Honfleur? Well, it will start from the garage. Based on feedback from Brittany Ferries’ customers, the time it takes to drive onto the ferry and then get from the car decks up to the passenger areas has been optimised.


Once there, Brice’s design concept allows you to find you way around more intuitively. Two large central stairways, each coupled with two lifts, will whisk passengers rapidly from garage to cabins and other public spaces. It will all feel more spacious too - with bigger windows and splendid views out to sea.


There's a greater choice of cabins, with everything from an economical two-berth to a six-berth family cabin and a suite. And Honfleur is a ferry designed for a connected age: there's wifi everywhere from the car decks to the cabins, and a new digital lounge will use interactive displays to deliver information on the ship, your onward journey, and other destinations served by the company.

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Not all ferries are bespoke, like this one. When you have the chance to do a new-build vessel you can include your newest ideas for giving a greater passenger experience.
Brice Robinson
Ships Architect
Brittany Ferries

But Honfleur's propulsion system represents her most significant step into the future. "Using gas power has short and long-term benefits," says Brice. "Immediately, our passengers will notice that the gas electric propulsion is very refined and give great comfort and a better sleep on overnight sailings.”

"In the long-term, Honfleur produces around 20 per cent less carbon dioxide, and particulate matter almost no sulphur, and levels of nitrogen oxide which easily meet the toughest standards. This technology costs us a little more, but we all see the benefit in the long-term. I'm lucky to be designing ferries for a company with that long-term vision."


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