Interior rendering - a deluxe cabin

Passenger areas

Passenger spaces will come with a range of digital innovations, but Honfleur’s design will embrace principles that define every Brittany Ferries ship: wellness, culture and relaxation. 1,000 original works of art are hosted on ships in the fleet and Honfleur will continue to this tradition, exhibiting works by regional artists.

Design of the interior areas is well underway, and the picture above shows an early rendering of a de luxe cabin.

Two dining options will be on the menu: a full-service à la carte restaurant and self-service facility. Ingredients will be sourced locally and dishes prepared on board will be of the highest quality. There will also be a tearoom/cafe and of course a bar.

A brace of cinemas will screen the latest films and fashion and technology will be sold in boutiques on board. Children will be well served too: Honfleur promises play areas and digital spaces and even the opportunity to be captain of the ship, driving Honfleur on a big screen.

Christophe Mathieu - Passenger areas (EN)

It is important that we invest in new technologies and new vessels that respect the environment in which we operate. Equally, we must not forget that our customers expect Brittany Ferries ships to be comfortable, relaxing and adapted to the digital age. These objectives are compatible and I believe Honfleur will set a new standard for ferries operating on the Channel.
Christophe Mathieu
Chairman of the Board
Brittany Ferries

WiFi has been confirmed in all public spaces, cabins, exterior decks and car decks, a first for Brittany Ferries. Every cabin will also come with a TV. Front and rear cameras will allow passengers to follow the progress of the ship on screen. 

Her information desk will be fully adapted to the digital age. Designed to simplify communication, it will provide passengers with information about their destination and the vessel, as well as allowing them to book future crossings. Large screens will present, for example, services available on board, places to visit on arrival at a destination and connection times.

There will also be the opportunity to browse recommendations left by the other passengers.


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