Honfleur’s engines are installed

Honfleur’s engines are installed

Latest photos of the Honfleur, Brittany Ferries' next ship, built at the FSG shipyard in Germany, reveal the blocks of its future hull. But there’s also an image of one her four engines ready to be craned on board, that will deliver power of 39900 horsepower when the Honfleur takes to the sea next year.

The pictures begin to illustrate how the future ship will look from its forward aspect. The bulbous bow, for example, which will help reduce drag while water inlets extend and gradually widen over the bow thrusters. It’s a shape that plays an essential role in improving hydrodynamic efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Brittany%20Ferries%E2%80%99%20Fre%CC%81de%CC%81ric%20Pouget%20(group%20maritime%20port%20and%20operations%20director)%2C%20Arnauld%20le%20Poulichet%20(technical%20director)%20and%20Brice%20Robinson%20(naval%20architect).jpgBrittany Ferries’ Frédéric Pouget (group maritime port and operations director), Arnauld le Poulichet (technical director) and Brice Robinson (naval architect)

Honfleur%20takes%20shape%20in%20vast%20assembly%20hall.jpgHonfleur takes shape in vast assembly hall

Honfleur's%20drag-reducing%20bulbous%20bow.jpgHonfleur’s drag-reducing bulbous bow

Hull%20sections%20-%20note%20space%20for%20the%20bow%20thrusters.jpgHull sections – note the space for bow thrusters

EN%20Hull%20sections%20in%20the%20sunshine.jpgHull sections in the sunshine


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