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All power to Honfleur

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a cleaner burning fuel than diesel (see below for more on the benefits of LNG). But ships that feature LNG-electric propulsion systems are also quieter, more efficient and are less prone to vibration. This means a smoother, more comfortable ride for passengers.

To address the issues of LNG infrastructure, specifically the lack of storage facilities in ports served by ships, Brittany Ferries has partnered with Total for an innovative delivery solution in France.

Honfleur will be the first passenger ship in the world to be equipped with on board cranes that allow 40 feet (ISO standard) LNG containers to be lifted into a fixed position. The containers will be transported by truck from an LNG terminal to Ouistreham and then driven on board. They will then be hoisted into position alongside a fixed LNG storage tank located at the rear of the superstructure. Upon the next call at port, empty containers will be removed and replenished with full units.

Power delivery will also be very different to other ferries in the fleet. Powered by LNG, Honfleur’s four main engines will feed electric generators and two electric shaft propulsion motors with two fixed pitch efficient propellers. This is a standard known by the collective name diesel-electric-propulsion - a configuration applied extensively on large cruise vessels for enhanced passenger comfort and optimised fuel consumption at reduced speeds.


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