Introducing our new cruise ferry HONFLEUR

A voyage by sea is the richest way to travel

LNG-powered Honfleur will present a canvas of modernity, comfort and relaxation – the future of sustainable ferry transport.

The story unfolds

From steel cutting to her first voyage, we will follow Honfleur’s journey via the following ship building milestones at the FSG shipyard in Germany.

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Honfleur – a name befitting a beautiful destination.

A charming Normandy town on the Seine estuary, Honfleur is famed for colourful waterside buildings, its ancient wooden church and links with the world of art.

Honfleur in numbers

Breadth 31 metres
Length 187.4 metres
Max draught 6.6 metres
Vehicle capacity 2,600 lane metres
Passenger cabins 261
Passengers 1,680
Tonnage 42,400 gross tonnes
Passenger areas 4,400 m2
Decks 11
Speed 22 knots
  • Breadth 31 metres
  • Length 187.4 metres
  • Speed 22 knots
  • Max draught 6.6 metres
  • Tonnage 42,400 gross tonnes
  • Decks 11
  • Vehicle capacity 2,600 lane metres
  • Passengers 1,680
  • Passenger cabins 261
  • Passenger areas 4,400 m2
A new way to discover France A new way to discover France

Brittany Ferries is passionate about revealing more of the holiday destinations around the coastlines of the European west. And there’s no better way to get there than a short voyage by sea.
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A new way to discover France
A new way to discover France

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